The Kitchen garden : We’ve come a long way!

The Kitchen Garden raised beds

It’s been an exciting week here. We have dug out our wildlife pond which we hope will soon be home to newts, frogs, toads and insects. The pond slopes from a shallow depth to approximately 2-3ft deep creating easy access for hedgehogs and other wildlife, and we will soon be planting around the edges with wildlife friendly plants.

Nothing has gone to waste in this project. The wood chippings from the large leylandii that were removed have now been laid down to create the paths around the garden, and the soil that was dug out for the pond has been used to fill the vegetable and herb beds, which means that we are ready for planting.

Within a few hours our pond was filling up from the natural spring that runs through this area. Swifts and House Martins that have returned for the warmer (hopefully) months are already using our pond to grab a drink on the fly.

After a very wet winter, standing here watching the wildlife and feeling the sun on our faces is what makes all the hard work the team have put in worthwhile.


Rachael will be growing broad beans in one of the vegetable beds and this will supply the main ingredient for the peacamole we sell in The Kitchen. To add to the harvest for our kitchen, pumpkins and squashes will be planted and Mediterranean rosemary and thyme will be the first residents of the herb beds. These shrubs will help create the structure with annual herbs dotted throughout.

Look out for our giant cardoons (Cynara cardunculus). Resembling a globe artichoke these are edible giant thistle heads. You’ll see these in the large pot alongside the herb beds.

The next step in the process will be to create vertical tunnels between the beds from the leftover deer proof fencing, an archway between the beds on which we can grow runner beans. An edible green tunnel!