Sustainable Land project

How can humans and nature co-exist?

The Sustainable Land Project is a free event featuring a series of talks from local people who have a close relationship to the land they work with. Our passionate speakers will discuss their experience of working harmoniously with the land and the benefits that they achieve as a result.

We’ve asked our speakers to focus on the themes of wellness and sustainability and how these apply in their every day work, as well as the initiatives they are focussing on to sustain their land for future generations.

Meet the speakers

Rachael Collins
Head of horticulture
Babylon Eco

Babylon: Passions and projects.
Her passion for sustainable horticulture and what this means in a practical sense for the production and sale of garden plants.

25th April 2024

Richard Morriss
Land manager
Pippingford Estate company

Embracing the outdoors and loving it!
Richard will give us an insight into what makes The Ashdown Forest so special for his family and for the thousands of visitors every year. 

30th May 2024

Holly Morris
Butterbox Farm

Butterbox Farm and the local community.
Passionate about high animal welfare, farming in harmony with nature and maintaining the land and estate for future generations.

27th June 2024

Christy Jordan
Mousehall Country Estate

Three generations, two countries, one earth.
The story of three generations of the Jordan family, understanding and working with the soils and the slopes to produce outstanding wine in South Africa and now in the U.K.

25th July 2024
Available for booking soon.

Event details

The Sustainable Land Project talks will be held Babylon Eco Centre, a welcoming destination for food and horticulture located on the edge of the Ashdown Forest.

Arrive at Babylon Eco Centre from 5.00pm. We aim to start each talk at 5.30pm.

This is a free event. Limited to 50 tickets per event.

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Any questions?

Please email our events manager at Babylon.

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