Flora of The Ashdown Forest

Flowers and plants from the Ashdown forest

We are fascinated by the forest that surrounds us. We are starting a journey to understand more about the native trees, plants & flora of the forest.

This article piqued our interest when we found it online and we encourage anyone from the local area to take the time to read about the plants that have thrived in the unique setting of the Ashdown Forest.

As we look to focus the plants we grow in our nursery, we will be looking closely at historical articles on the traditional plants that are well suited to the soil & weather of East Sussex and more locally The Ashdown Forest.

It is well documented that the winter of 2022 (and especially December when we had over a week of sub -5 degrees Celsius) that many plants in our gardens were severely damaged and often killed. So many plants that we see commonly in garden centres across the UK are imported plants that often don’t have the resilience to survive a sharp period of winter weather.

Working closely with The Ashdown Forest Association we look to help them with the reintegration of the traditional flora of the forest, while also releasing stock for our customers to buy from The Nursery @ Babylon.