Christmas trees are here

Christmas tree with star and fairy lights

Christmas trees are now in stock at Babylon. We have Nordmann Fir trees ranging from 4ft through to 7ft, and also Norway spruce in pots. Come down and either buy now, or reserve your favourite and collect at a later date.

Mulled wine

Glass of mulled wine with cinnamon stick.

We’ll be serving mulled wine on the weekends of 2nd and 9th December so why not have a warming glass whilst choose your tree?

Reusing the Christmas tree netting

We inherited the Christmas tree netting from the previous owners, and it’s better for us to use it up instead of disposing. Unfortunately it’s not recyclable, so if you do chose to have your tree netted then perhaps try and re-use the netting? Rachel our head of horticulture suggests using it to protect soft fruit from birds in the summer. If you have any other ideas then we’d love to hear them!

And finally…

Close-up image of Christmas tree needles.

When you’ve finished with your tree, just bring it back to us! We will repurpose the tree waste around the Babylon site.