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  • Babylon at Home

    Babylon at Home

    During May we will be rolling out the launch of our new food range for you to take home, ‘Babylon at Home’ created by our head chef Alex. We’re starting with a small selection, including home made soups and stews using seasonal, local ingredients. These are frozen so you can take them home and save…

  • Superb scrambled eggs

    Superb scrambled eggs

    Our chef Alex was taught how to make scrambled eggs by his Mum, this is her recipe and now he’s passing it on to you. Watch and learn how to do the special ‘soft curls’ technique! Ingredients Method Enjoy!

  • Souper celeriac

    Souper celeriac

    Celeriac is a beautiful and fragrant celery root and is a great ingredient to make the most of this time of year. It has a similar flavour to celery with the texture of a turnip and when cooked celeriac releases a sweet flavour. It’s a low carb alternative to potatoes, is a great source of…

  • Babylon Peacamole

    Babylon Peacamole

    We’re often asked in the kitchen why we don’t offer an avocado dish, or why our guacamole is made from peas and broad beans instead of avocado. It is important to us that the food on our menu is sourced in a way that supports local farmers and producers, is ethical and keeps food miles…

  • The Deck is launched

    The Deck is launched

    A tiring week behind us as we have given “The Kitchen” a thorough make-over. Last on our list was the launch of our new outdoor area – The Deck – which adds five new picnic tables with sun shades to our seating options

  • Photos from Our History

    Photos from Our History

    Some of the photos from the history of Babylon Eco centre showing the construction of the Dutch barn.