Babylon Peacamole

We’re often asked in the kitchen why we don’t offer an avocado dish, or why our guacamole is made from peas and broad beans instead of avocado.

It is important to us that the food on our menu is sourced in a way that supports local farmers and producers, is ethical and keeps food miles to a minimum.

Avocados whilst being delicious, are not the most ethical ingredient. They need an incredible amount of water to grow (320 litres of water per avocado!) and have to travel a lot of food miles to reach our plates. There are also concerns about how their production can lead to deforestation, and avocado farms are often infiltrated by cartels who may use child labour.

So, what’s a positive alternative?

We use peas and broad beans as we can grow these ourselves in our planned Kitchen garden, and until this is up and running we can source them locally. Peas and beans offer a great source of protein and work incredibly well in our tangy, spicy guacamole.

If you’re still in any doubt, come and try it for yourself on our toasted sour dough with roasted cherry vine tomatoes, fried egg and spiced mayonnaise.