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  • Souper celeriac

    Souper celeriac

    Celeriac is a beautiful and fragrant celery root and is a great ingredient to make the most of this time of year. It has a similar flavour to celery with the texture of a turnip and when cooked celeriac releases a sweet flavour. It’s a low carb alternative to potatoes, is a great source of…

  • Babylon Peacamole

    Babylon Peacamole

    We’re often asked in the kitchen why we don’t offer an avocado dish, or why our guacamole is made from peas and broad beans instead of avocado. It is important to us that the food on our menu is sourced in a way that supports local farmers and producers, is ethical and keeps food miles…

  • The Kitchen garden begins

    The Kitchen garden begins

    If you’ve visited us over the last few weeks you’ll have noticed that some big changes are happening here. We are creating a Kitchen garden, which will supply seasonal ingredients to our restaurant, with zero food miles! Because we only opened in June last year, our previous vegetable garden was situated on the land of…

  • The big greenhouse clean

    The big greenhouse clean

    Our fabulous Greenhouse has had a clean. This is no mean feat, as in 1974 our greenhouse was the largest single span glass structure of its type in the country. The team obviously had a head for heights as they had to get on the roof to thoroughly wash the glass panels inside and out.…

  • Christmas trees are here

    Christmas trees are here

    Christmas trees are now in stock at Babylon. We have Nordmann Fir trees ranging from 4ft through to 7ft, and also Norway spruce in pots. Come down and either buy now, or reserve your favourite and collect at a later date. Mulled wine We’ll be serving mulled wine on the weekends of 2nd and 9th…

  • Hurstwood Cider at Babylon

    Hurstwood Cider at Babylon

    We are proud to announce that we are stocking Hurstwood Cider in The Kitchen here at Babylon. Hurstwood Cider is made locally, using Kent and Sussex grown dessert apples and has won several awards. Alex and her small team have created a juice only cider that is crisp, fresh and entirely natural. You can find…

  • Deck the halls!

    Deck the halls!

    Get into the spirit of Christmas by pre-ordering a beautifully crafted, handmade festive wreath from Babylon Eco Centre. We are thrilled to continue this tradition of handmade Christmas wreaths, each meticulously crafted with care by Sacha, who works in The Nursery here at Babylon. Using plants and flowers gathered on site these are a wonderful…

  • The Ashdown Forest Garden Centre

    The Ashdown Forest Garden Centre

    A selection of photos from the particulars for the property when it was put up for sale in 2022.

  • Photos from Our History

    Photos from Our History

    Some of the photos from the history of Babylon Eco centre showing the construction of the Dutch barn.