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  • Babylon at Home

    Babylon at Home

    During May we will be rolling out the launch of our new food range for you to take home, ‘Babylon at Home’ created by our head chef Alex. We’re starting with a small selection, including home made soups and stews using seasonal, local ingredients. These are frozen so you can take them home and save…

  • Summer art classes with Jan Moffitt

    Summer art classes with Jan Moffitt

    Over the summer months Jan will be teaching watercolour and drawing classes in our greenhouse. “Babylon is a wonderful place to teach an art class – the greenhouse is stunning, the lighting is perfect and the plants are inspiring.” Jan Moffitt runs watercolour and drawing art classes. Having worked as a graphic designer in London…

  • The Kitchen garden : We’ve come a long way!

    The Kitchen garden : We’ve come a long way!

    It’s been an exciting week here. We have dug out our wildlife pond which we hope will soon be home to newts, frogs, toads and insects. The pond slopes from a shallow depth to approximately 2-3ft deep creating easy access for hedgehogs and other wildlife, and we will soon be planting around the edges with…

  • Superb scrambled eggs

    Superb scrambled eggs

    Our chef Alex was taught how to make scrambled eggs by his Mum, this is her recipe and now he’s passing it on to you. Watch and learn how to do the special ‘soft curls’ technique! Ingredients Method Enjoy!

  • Sustainable Land project

    Sustainable Land project

    How can humans and nature co-exist? The Sustainable Land Project is a free event featuring a series of talks from local people who have a close relationship to the land they work with. Our passionate speakers will discuss their experience of working harmoniously with the land and the benefits that they achieve as a result.…

  • Willow obelisk workshop

    Willow obelisk workshop

    Get ready for growing your climbing plants by booking a place on the willow obelisk workshop here at Babylon on 24th March 2024. Join Ruth from Nature Makers for a delightful workshop where you’ll learn to create your very own stunning willow obelisk, perfect for showcasing those delicate sweet pea blooms, runner beans, nasturtiums or any…

  • Chilean guava

    Chilean guava

    Latin name: Ugni Molinae    Common names: Chilean guava/ Strawberry myrtle This evergreen shrub from South America was grown widely in the UK as a fruit crop by the Victorians. Apparently it was Queen Victoria’s favourite fruit. The plant has with small leathery leaves with an upright, bushy habit and will grow (slowly) to 1 –…

  • The Kitchen garden progresses

    The Kitchen garden progresses

    Arriving for work at Babylon in early February with the sun rising over the Ashdown Forest and the valleys beyond, and with a full view of the entire length of the greenhouse now that the tall conifers have been felled gave me a sense of the space we have to develop.  Running down the north…

  • Souper celeriac

    Souper celeriac

    Celeriac is a beautiful and fragrant celery root and is a great ingredient to make the most of this time of year. It has a similar flavour to celery with the texture of a turnip and when cooked celeriac releases a sweet flavour. It’s a low carb alternative to potatoes, is a great source of…

  • Babylon Peacamole

    Babylon Peacamole

    We’re often asked in the kitchen why we don’t offer an avocado dish, or why our guacamole is made from peas and broad beans instead of avocado. It is important to us that the food on our menu is sourced in a way that supports local farmers and producers, is ethical and keeps food miles…